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Gentle Yoga Postures by Tiwari Yoga

Here at Umi HQ, we are thrilled to have teamed up with Tiwari Yoga to bring you this 15 minute sequence of slow, stretchy poses. It is open to all levels with the aim of increasing blood flow, movement and flexibility in the pelvic area.

We are really passionate at complimenting and enhancing your pelvic health in as many evidence based ways as possible. Consider this sequence the perfect way to start or end your day. It will be of benefit to everyone, but will particularly be helpful if you have any pelvic pain or tension.

Feel free to come back and to practise this sequence as many times as you like.

To see more by Tiwari Yoga, be sure to check out the amazing deep breathing video as part of our Umi Guide and accompanying Umi Live on preventing and relieving pelvic tension (as part of our Umi Plus membership). You can also visit Tiwari Yoga's Youtube channel here, facebook page here and instagram account here.

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