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Pregnancy by Umi

Our Pregnancy course will enrich this significant life chapter for any woman who watches it. Over the course of 7 modules, our Pregnancy bolt-on course builds on Essentials by Umi to bring you up-to-speed on everything you need to know about how your pregnancy affects your body. 

This is stuff that you won’t be taught in a typical antenatal class but it will set you up for a more comfortable, informed and empowered pregnancy and birth. Learn about how pregnancy affects your pelvic floor, breathing and abdominal wall (and why this even matters), find out how common pregnancy complaints (for example, constipation and sickness) will challenge your core health, discover practical ways to support your evolving body through pregnancy, get all the up-to-date information about exercising during pregnancy, and soak up loads of handy hints to make you feel more informed as you prepare for birth, whether you’re hoping for a vaginal delivery or planning a C-section.

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What's included?

  • Over 100 minutes of video content (50 individual videos) divided into 7 modules

    • The Core Four in Pregnancy 

    • Common Pregnancy Complaints and the Core Cylinder 

    • Pelvic Girdle and Back Pain

    • Pain Management and Getting Comfortable

    • Movement and Exercise in Pregnancy 

    • Sex During Pregnancy

    • Your Core and Birth

  • Evidence-based, unbiased, reliable and easily digestible information which draws on real life experience from a mixture of medical, health and exercise professionals 

  • Closed Caption subtitles

  • Handy illustrations, cheat sheets and demos to supplement the modules

This course is for you if...

  • ​you want to understand  how pregnancy affects your pelvic floor and what you can easily do to keep your pelvic floor muscles working well 

  • you want to reduce the risk of  or manage incontinence and/or prolapse during pregnancy

  • you’re planning to have a Caesarean birth

  • you’re hoping to have a vaginal delivery, including VBAC

  • you want to learn how to reduce the risk of perineal tears during labour

  • you want to learn more about diastasis recti or the so-called “ab-gap”

  • you need tips on how to manage the aches and pains of pregnancy

  • you are suffering with pelvic girdle or low back pain

  • you want more information on comfortable sex during pregnancy

  • you want to learn more about the safety, the benefits and the practicalities of exercise during pregnancy

Who is it for?

This course is for any woman who is pregnant, or who is trying or planning to conceive. It is never too early or too late in your pregnancy to get stuck in.

How do I access it?

Postnatal is available via our Umi Plus membership, which costs just £6.50 a month, with no minimum term or via our Umi Benefits membership which can be accessed via your employer. You’ll have access to the course (along with all of our other paid-for content) for as long as your Umi Plus or Umi Benefits membership is live. If you are already an Umi Free member, simply upgrade your membership, or show us to your HR team.

Why the low price tag?

We want to get this information to as many people as possible so we have kept the price deliberately low to ensure that price-point is not a barrier.

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