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Menopause by Umi

Menopause by Umi is the latest in our series of un-biased, straight-talking, evidence-based courses and is for anyone who wants to get up-to-speed on all things menopause. For too long, menopause has been hushed up and treated as taboo. As a result, far too many people have been going into peri- and post-menopause without the information and education that can help them to prepare for and to navigate the ups and downs of this biological process more confidently and comfortably. Not any more!

Over the course of 11 modules, Menopause by Umi will teach you what menopause is, why and when it happens, what to expect, what you can do in your thirties and forties to better prepare for it, how you can take control of and lessen any symptoms, ways to support your physical and mental health going forward in your life and lots more. It’s jam-packed with easy-to-implement tips that will help straight away regardless of where you are in the menopausal stage, covering mental health, physical activity, pelvic health, nutrition and your sex life. We also have a huge section on medical support for menopause, brought to you by an NHS GP.

What's included?

  • Over 240 minutes of video content (114 individual videos) divided into 11 modules

    • What is the menopause?

    • The pre-menopause: What you need to know and do in your 30’s

    • The perimenopause: What you need to know and do in your 40’s

    • The postmenopause: What you need to know and do in your 50’s and beyond

    • Taking control: Your mental health and ways to support it

    • Taking control: Why nutrition matters by Kristy Coleman, Nutritionist

    • Taking control: Physical activity 

    • Taking control: Your pelvic health and ways to improve it 

    • Taking control: Your sex life

    • Medical supports and treatments for your menopause by Dr Taheri, GP

    • True or false

  • Evidence-based, unbiased, reliable and easily digestible information which draws on real life experience from a mixture of medical, health and exercise professionals 

  • Closed Caption subtitles

  • Handy illustrations, cheat sheets and video demos to supplement the modules

This course is for you if...

  • you want to learn about all the ways you can support your own health and well-being in the lead up to, during and after menopause

  • you want to know how you can prepare for menopause before it happens 

  • you want to be clued up on what to expect during and after menopause 

  • you want clarity on what are the most effective and safe treatments for menopausal symptoms, including medical and non-medical options

  • you want to know what you can do to help yourself after the menopause 

  • you want to know how your race, ethnicity and socio-economic status can affect your experience of menopause 

  • you want to learn all of this from trained and experienced healthcare professionals all in the comfort of your own home/from your phone or computer!

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who is keen to get clued up on all things menopause, and learn quick and easy ways to support their whole wellbeing in the run up to, during and/or after menopause.

How do I access it?

Menopause is available via our Umi Plus membership, which costs just £6.50 a month, with no minimum term or via our Umi Benefits membership which can be accessed via your employer. You’ll have access to the course (along with all of our other paid-for content) for as long as your Umi Plus or Umi Benefits membership is live. If you are already an Umi Free member, simply upgrade your membership, or show us to your HR team.

Why the low price tag?

We want to get this information to as many people as possible so we have kept the price deliberately low to ensure that price-point is not a barrier.

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