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Essentials by Umi

Essentials by Umi is our FREE online video course for all women. It’s packed full of the often taboo topics which we rarely talk about as women but which are fundamental to our health, throughout our lifespan. The pelvic floor, period health, pooing, sex...we’ve got all this, and lots more, covered in 8 modules, each broken down into bite-sized videos, which you can work through at your own pace, in your own space, and start making improvements to your pelvic health straight away. Dip back in whenever you need a refresher.

Our Essentials course also serves as a foundation for all of our bolt-on courses (Pregnancy by Umi and Postnatal by Umi are available now via Umi Plus membership).


What's included?

  • Over 70 minutes of video content (56 individual videos) divided into 8 modules

    • The Core 

    • The Pelvic Floor

    • Breathing 

    • Sex

    • Pooing

    • Periods

    • Exercising as a Woman

    • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

  • Evidence-based, unbiased, reliable and easily digestible information which draws on real life experience from a mixture of medical, health and exercise professionals 

  • Closed Caption subtitles

  • Handy illustrations, cheat sheets and demos to supplement the modules

This course is for you if...

  • you have urinary or faecal incontinence, vaginal prolapse or pelvic floor muscle tension and want to start improving your symptoms

  • you are free from pelvic floor symptoms and want to keep it that way

  • you experience constipation or have to strain or splint on the loo

  • you want to understand what your core is (spoiler - it’s more than just  your abs)

  • you want to know more about how to track and understand your menstrual cycle

  • you want to have pain-free, pleasurable sex

  • you want to understand more about exercising as a woman

Who is it for?

The content is relevant to every woman, through the whole lifespan, from puberty to post-menopause. Pelvic health is not just for those who have had or who plan to have a baby, and there will be something useful for every woman in this course.

How do I access it?

Sign up for our Umi Free membership and you’ll automatically get free and unlimited access to Essentials. 

Why is it free?

When we were busily dreaming up our vision for Umi, we made a decision as a team to make Essentials free of charge because we wanted to give as many women as possible the information that they should already know about their bodies, and it was crucial to us that price should not be a barrier. One day, maybe this stuff will be on the school curriculum but, until then, we’ve got your backs.

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