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Empowering women to unleash their best self

A one-stop hub to bulletproof and improve your pelvic health at every life stage - because common issues like leaking, prolapse and pain aren’t ‘just part of being a woman’

Helen Keeble
Elizabeth Davies

Our Mission

From puberty to post-menopause, and every stage in between, women are uneducated about their physiology. When problems arise, too often they are hushed up, misunderstood, treated as taboo or laughed off. Pelvic health is fundamental to so much - our exercise, activities of daily living, sex and relationships, and lots more. 


Umi Health co-founders Helen Keeble, a specialist women’s health physiotherapist, and Elizabeth Davies, a women's fitness coach, are on a mission to equip you with the knowledge you need to take control of your body and enhance your quality of life across your entire lifespan.

Our Misson

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